In New York City, one of the most common exterior construction projects is lintel repair and replacement.

A lintel is the L-shaped metal steel support located over every window. The perimeter of a window frame is not strong enough for the weight of the brick façade. The purpose of the lintel is to support the bricks facade and waterproof the wall.

Sitting between the lintel and the bricks is a layer of waterproof membrane. Over time, as the outer bricks become saturated with water, the membrane becomes less effective, and water seeps through to the lintel. The steel lintel eventually begins to rust and the structural stability of the façade is compromised. These problems are usually evident by bent, or sagging lintels, above windows.

Lintel repair is a common practice in New York City, as most buildings have the brick façade that requires steel lintels above the windows. If your building needs lintel repair, we will set up the necessary scaffolding equipment, remove the old bricks, replace the steel lintel and membrane, and rebuild the brick façade.

Bellet Construction has been in business for over 90 years, and has performed countless lintel repairs throughout New York City. Our company participates in the New York City Department of Buildlings Scaffold Safety Advisory Council, so you can be sure, with our “zero tolerance” philosophy, we always provide a safe environment for all of our projects. Call Bellet Construction and let our experience help you to safely, and professionally, complete your lintel repair project today.